A family tree of the Randell family originating in Cromer, Norfolk
Thomas Randell ~ The Randell Warm Seawater Baths ~ Clockmakers ~ Ironmongers ~ Postmasters ~ Sailors ~ Victorians

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I started looking at my family tree when my brother sent me a casual email saying the 1901 English Census was on line.
The first person I looked for was my Grandad Randell. He was my natural first choice for two reasons. Firstly, he was and still is my hero and second, I knew nothing about his family background other than both he and my Grandmother spoke with untainted 'Singing Postman' Norfolk accents. This was despite having lived their entire married lives, almost fifty years, in Derbyshire.
By the time I discovered my Great Great Great Grandfather was a watch and clock maker I was hooked.

Ironically, I haven't owned or worn a watch for over twenty years.


Much of the information is collated from with some excellent input from Cromer Museum. The Church of the Latter Day Saints and BMD
websites also proved useful. Many other individuals contributed.
Distant cousin's Tommy Randell, Ray Bellis and Martin O'Sullivan provided significant information.
Joan Randell deserves a special mention for her contribution.

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I live in Perth, Western Australia, with my wife and son
but was born in Chesterfield, UK.
My mothers side of the family are Randell's.

I would love to hear from you. I would be thrilled to receive any contributions or even corrections.
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